The blessed month of Ramadhan is coming and our spirits are flying high with strong determination. Time management plans are being made to avail most of the blessings of this holy month. And as Quran is the biggest gift  by our lord, all of us will reciting it with open hearts and modest souls.

Here is a superb gift for the true seeker.A basic , to the point , but wholesome tafseer by famous scholar Dr. Farhat Naseem Hashmi.

May Allah shine your heart with  noor ul iman and make this sadaqa  e jariah for me (ameen).


Actually I  wrote this post a fews days before Ramadan but didn’t published then. I was trying to upload audio files for your direct listening, but did not succeeded. S0…………….  avail the link. And keep me in prayers.

Barik Allah fi,kum.